02 April, 2014

My lucky days

Sometimes it gets on my nerves how people don't understand what makes them feel happy or unhappy. It made me feel quite aggrevated listenong on two old hags @ bus stop discussing how they, when they were young, had nothing and didn't complain about it like their grandchildren.
Sure, there are people who have less and there are people who have more, yet their happiness is never proportional. It's always your environment and perception of it that makes you feel one way or another. It's better to be king of fools than the unluckiest among the lucky and blessed are the ones that are ignorant.
One way to deal with it is probably looking at people less lucky than you are. For the same reason people, who do charity work, are always a little more positive than they should be. It's a lowly method belittling others, but it does get the job done. Still it does not last and does not work on people for whome it's hard to turn off the reality switch (it's especially dangerous for these people because they can just break down in sadness and despaor, how life is unfair). Real world is always chasing after you and reminding, that you could have even more, but do not.

So how do you make someone else feel better? You make them aware that they had it better and their dreams are just fleeting everchanging hope (without mentioning it straightforward to their face, ofc.) How do you make yourself feel better? You use every opportunity to get lucky at anything at all, even the smallest things. What if it doesn't work? Well, life sucks.

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