10 April, 2014

Question 1

Each of us lives in a world apart from the real one. For some of us it's the world that could be, for some it's one that has been, for others it's the one that will be and for a few it's a world that could nevar be. Mostly those worlds parallel with the real one. They will never cross or become one and the same. For the lucky ones they do sometimes cross, but just for a brief moment of heavenly blessing, and then they drift apart again forever.
The worlds we live in differ from each other in their unique way. One could say, that they are always worlds apart. On one hand you have that young boyish girl, who has taken up soccer and dreams to gather a stadium full of audience, watching what she does best and cheering at every performance of splendor and skill. On the other hand you have a NEET, sitting at home, at his computer, dreaming of world were anime characters and magic was real, where everything were possible and all his bad luck would be dispelled with a stroke of a wand.
It's easy to tell what kind of phantasies are more accepted in the society and which are shunned. But where do we draw the line between what's a good and what's a bad phantasy world? Well, I don't think we should.
To draw a line, we would need to evaluate each of the dreams, but we just can't do that. Objectively all of them are of the same value for their owners. They all are just as sad and pathetic, as they are beautiful and important. They serve the same purpose and can not be denied. There can be only one subjective value system that's already in the place - how easy they can be adapted to the real world, one built by our phamtom society, one that always changes in the turmoil of time, dreams and resources.
Our society will always try to put shackles on people's thoughts and the way they develop. However knowing and understanding the truth makes you realise that you are free no matter what, because none of us lives in this world anyway. We just gather resources here, to continue living somewhere else.

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