15 April, 2014

Question 2

Nobody really wants to live in this world, knowingly or not. Some, the less fortunate ones, even regard to it as Hell. People escape the reality at every chance and when there is no chance given - by death. Death indeed, the last resort, the most obvious way out.
So why do we keep struggling to live in here? For hope? For happiness? Because we are afraid?
If we look at people being thorn away from this reality, we will always see fear. Fear of the unknown which is to come. Fear of the illusions our paranoia has plotted in our heads. Fear of losing what has never been ours. Fear makes its presence at every death and we fear the fear. However, it's not what holds us back from escape. Fear can be overcome and it was never there, when we first encountered life and choose not to abandon it.  Fear may make us do many things, but it does not make us clinge to life.
Lucky people might agree that they live because they feel good and happy that way. On some scale it's possible, but happiness is just a measurement of hormones in your brsin. And even so, even if your brain feeds on constantly high serotonine levels, the moments of indifference, apathy, unhappiness and despair will outnumber every moment you feel good. Thus happiness is just a mechanic, evolved to fool our brain and body. At least in this world. And that were the, we would stop functioning every time we dofn't feel happy.
My choice is hope. Hope is limitless. Hope lasts to our last dying breath and where you chop down one hope, two new rise. Hope is your undying dragon that will carry your wish and see it come true. It really is the embodiment of the previous two that will always give you something to fight for, to live for.
It may not solve the quest for purpose in life. People may disagree with it. People may not even care about the why and just keep living in the moment. And it will not matter either way. Everyone has their own reason for it and it should stay that way, if we want this world to continue.

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