24 April, 2014

Question 3

Each one of us, in his own way, struggles with the world, how it is now. Escaping to our own reality is the only way out, aside from suicide, of course. Other than that, there is nothing much else common between the people. Everyone has their own dreams, their own wishes and their own utopia.
Most of us have seen the movie Matrix, where the idea of escaping from reality was used in a pretty direct sense. Humans were made into batteries, forced to live virtual reality crated by cold, calculating machines, to keep them at bay. It begs for a question, if there is a shared dream even possible? One, where everyone would live without trying to escape. Knowing human nature, I would rather say that no, it's not. Even in the before mentioned Matrix, The Architect explained to Neo, that it was the 6th installation of Matrix, that every other had failed before, especially the first, which was essentially utopia. Why? Because humans will always want more, more of everything they can get their hands on. It's a defining trait of human nature, that's responsible for our evolution and advance, as well as the same dreams we keep living in.
I'm quite sure that we can get rid of our greed with big enough advancements in medicine, but getting rid of it would mean the annihilation of every possible further advancement. A better solution might be regulating it. However, would we stop running then? No, we would still keep escaping from ourselves.
Can we stop running at all? I shouldn't even be asking that question, because the answer is obvious - no, the moment we stop running we stop existing.

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