09 April, 2014

Sad story, bro

Getting your first job might be still exciting as well as getting a job that you always wanted. Mainly, though, every story about getting a job is a sad story in one way or another.
Daily I see people with good education and actual brains in their head to work in a place way under their level. The same place I work in  with basic highscooleducation and no particular skills. While loking for something better I always ask weather I deserve something better? Well, no, I don't. But would I do a better job than some people with higher education? Sadly, it's very much even possible.
There are also a lot of other things that make me sad while job-hunting. Like the usual requirement for people to already have experience they can't get because nobody takes them without experience. There are also a lot of places that could offee you decent salary, they promote it, but at the end they just cut off all the cornes for ridiculous requirements. There are places that, if lucky, put down an ad for something that anyway gets given to someone they know personally.  Most of the time you can't even understand the criteria by which they choose people. Couple of times I applied for job in places where I would do the same damn thing I do now. Sure they didn't have education requirements put down in the ad, but obviously it was a factor since i never got a response. Then, if you get lucky, you manage to get an interview but after it they barely reply to you that you didn't get the job. And some other things I'm extremely uncomfortable to even think about.
And after all this text I still must say that I just might be extremely unlucky, as the cruel evidence of real life shows me. I can whine all I want, but people keep getting a job without much effort everywhere and they are always the same people I would like to see being overrun by a bus for how stupif they are.

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