30 March, 2014

A year and a bit

It has been more than a year since I last made any meaningless posts here. Not that I even completely forgot about my blog, I just didn't feel like writing anything here. I have kept notes of things to post, but now when I look back at it all, it's kinda out of place, so I will still keep them for some other time.

As for today, today I wanted to look back at this past year and maybe recount things that have changed, for Golden Time anime right now).
the worst and for the best. However, it might be just the pessimistic me, but still I can't name a single thing that has turned for the best. I had broken up with my gf for some time, my world got broken in parts, yet I`m still in the same place where I was, working in the same place, living in the same apartment, wearing the same clothes and stinking all the same. (and it's so damn sad to watch
What I need and what I want is a rollback of myself and my emotions from couple years back. I need to return to my apathetic self and not care a damn about what is the purpose of my life. Kinda like what I am inside games.

It's time for another brainwashing.
Time to reboot.

And time to continue...

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