29 November, 2012

Turns out I was a little wrong. Instead of planned 206h for this month, I have 186h according to plan. Should have gone to work earlier today.
What does it matter? It matters because now I know that I will be having 14h shifts for tomorrow and after tomorrow. And then continue on working normally for the next 6, maybe 7 days.
Oh the joys of greed.

28 November, 2012

Lately feeling doomed


By trying out new tastes I found another nice pearl. While I`m always skeptic about anything that comes with Cyrillic letters, I did buy a drink named «ЭЛЬБРУС» and it turned out to taste quite awesome. It's not quite as cheap as most light drinks, especially since it comes in a glass bottle, but one 0.5l bottle of it quenches your thirst quite easily, in contrary to some more popular drinks that promote exactly that. I other word - worth every cent.
In shot, picture related. If you see it - buy it (I got it @ RIMI)

In another news - I`m working overtime again. Feeling a little lazy, but I need all the money I can get on my next paycheck and this is the best way to get it. Unfortunately my hours are limited, so I`m going for the maximum of 224 work hours I`m allowed. I think I`m at 206 atm, though I`m not sure, could be more.

And I changed my mind....I will not ignore, that I`m feeling doomed.
I feel like I`m stuck at working for a little over minimal wage for the rest of my life, which is probably true. It's a sad future, but if it were only about me, I could live with it. Unfortunately it isn't. My damn sweetheart is a lazy, dreaming klutz, she may become a graduate in a couple of months, but I do not believe she will be able to find a job that suits her whatever and won't be able to support herself. That's why I need to find a way to move forward without education, move forward, to be able to support myself and her. I need a new job, one that offers me more skills and bigger salary at the same time. Dammit!

OMG what a mess my room is!

23 November, 2012

About now

Due to some stupid circumstances related to my damn sweetheart, I have abolished the biggest part of my everyday life - anime and browsing sites like 4chan etc. I`m still watching TV series, but, unfortunately, I mostly watch only Sci-Fi, and good Sci-Fi series are kind of scarce and can't fill the void that has been left in my life after leaving anime. Thus, I am left with no other choice than to read news and look for some informative video on YouTube. Been watching stuff like Secrets of Body LanguageGeneral Psychology videos and outside YouTube -  Erich Von Daniken - Chariots Of The Gods. Can't say I feel smarter yet.
Gotta admit, that while commuting to and from work, I still read some manga on my Android, but now it does feel like kind of a waste of time and I hope to one day switch to actually learning something while commuting, e.g. Japanese, Swedish, Psychology or even, in some bizarre way, Android application development.

Why not games? I`m not sure. Playing them alone, without even a single person I know that plays them, kind of feels sad, lonely and boring.

22 November, 2012

Recap series - Sick leave

What sucked about previous month and still does - i was on sick leave from job for 3 goddamn weeks. It all started with a simple fewer of 39.7 but, obviously, while all sweaty and hot, at some point I cooled down too fast and caught myself a pneumonia. So basically I can't remember a crap about first week, as I spent it with the 39.6 temperature and it's like being constantly drunk. At the second week my doctor finally figured I had pneumonia and pumped me with even more antibiotics. And the experience of second and third week too wasn't very pleasent, since I spent most of my time coughing. Even made my muscles sore from constant cough. Well, at least I did get away relatively cheap and fast from it (after spending a bit more than 40Ls on medicine, that is), but still, it meant that I got no bonus on my paycheck whatsoever and still have to visit VSAA to get the rest of my salary.

Never again .

And it's Christmas soon and I can't afford a crap as a result.

Recap Series - Colleagues

The_guy_I_know_since_kindergarten - finally got him to work at TWWL. Obviously I can tell he is not too enthusiastic about the job, who the hell would be in his place, but at least it's something he can earn money on now.
Oh, Latvia, why do you never present any chances at all to young students? Everyone has to fight with their teeth to get a decent job in their respective profession...

Recap series - Tex Mex

Continuing our adventures, a week later after visiting Kabuki, we decided to try out Mexican food.
Our course was set to Tex Mex (see location). After arriving I concluded that it's a place you should visit at summer and eat outside, not inside. Unfortunately for us, as it was a cold autumn evening. I guess the atmosphere was ok, but personally I didn't find it comfortable, as we couldn't get seats that would cut us off from other people and I felt extremely exposed. However, you could feel from the waitress, that her heart most definitely belonged to that place and thus she helped me to feel a little like at home - it did help to relax a bit. The Mexican food itself wasn't really anything special. I guess I could compare it to a pizza. I probably will return there some day and try something else from the menu, like I occasionally do at pizzeria, but not until summer.

Overall it was a nice experience, but it did leave a lot of space for improvement.

Recap series - Guild Wars 2

A few years back I managed to hook that girl  to a Runes of Magic MMORPG game that she kept playing  even after I left it and after we broke up. Anyhow, as the game has been getting older, she kept playing it less and less and only was attached to it due to the people she met there, in the online world. Why is this important? Because most of those people were leaving for Guild Wars 2 as soon as it would launch and, feeling sorry for her and wanting for her to keep contact with people she cares for, i bought that game. Unfortunately her computer can't run it, so it's currently installed on my computer and mostly I am the one playing it...well, till recently, since i got bored of the game. Not to a surprise, because the game is PvP centered, while I enjoy my PvE.

tl;dr I own a Guild Wars 2 account that i bought for my damn sweetheart.

Recap Series - Kabuki

Believe it or not, it's 21st century and I have never tried Sushi. Up until recently, that is.
In my conquest to broaden my world, I got together with my damn sweetheart and the_guy_i_know_since_kindergarten and we went on exploring the menu of Kabuki restaurant (see location).
Musty say I enjoyed the experience a lot and the choice of restaurant wasn't bad as well. Well, sushi is a bit too expensive for me to eat it every weekend, but I will most definitely occasionally order some sushi from and then and if I will have to take someone to a restaurant - that will be my first choice.

A successful experiment.

Recap series - Something new

Now then, I have established my own comfort-zone and I`m fully assured that my identity is completely worked-out. What now?
Now is the time to willfully leave my comfort-zone and start expanding my world by trying out new things. Not taking it to the extreme, but recently from time to time I buy something new for my dinner, I started trying out all kinds of alcohol (which I do not enjoy all that much, no matter how often I drink...in fact I regularly have unfinished bottles at home, that I can't bring myself to finish) etc. etc.
Sometimes I end up wasting money, sometimes I discover that I love Japanese kitchen.

To confess, I have been thinking of trying out some hard drugs too, but due to my personality I`m not up to doing it unsupervised by someone I trust. And also I have no idea how to acquire them, as I never had real interest in that. What am I expecting? I`m expecting to have a chemical reaction that will mess up my brain activity and I would like to see weather I`m able to keep it together even when under influence of drugs. Seems to work with any amount of alcohol. And yeah, finally being able to understand people's though patterns when are under influence - that's a nice bonus too.

Trying out new stuff keeps the illusion that the world hasn't stopped for me yet.

Recap series - girlfriends

I hate how she edits her pictures!
I have gotten back together with my damn first-love-sweetheart. Not entirely sure why anything happened, why it came to us breaking up, why did she take me back, but I blame it all on women anyway. Anyhow, we are spending time together for the most part of the week now and all my leftover money mostly goes to buying her whatever she needs.
Trying my hardest to change and adapt myself as fast as I can. It's not easy to adapt to women, as they never really know, what do they want. And there are things I will never achieve/possess/be able to do, no matter how much she wants me to...

Recap series - promotion

Worth mentioning, but nothing big though.
Finally two spots in Help Desk @ TWWL were freed and I actually somehow managed to get one of them, thus I was promoted to something seemingly above entry level worker and seemingly had my bonus increased.
I`m no longer working at hotline, but rather do written communication with clients, help hotline workers out with stuff they do not understand or can't solve and I`m at the controversial position that should be more or less respected but seems to be disregarded as useless by everyone. Well, whatever, It's fine. Written communication and helping people is more back my alley and I regret nothing.

Several weeks of me being the dumb newbie followed. As well as several months of workload no European should ever be tasked with still going on.

Recap series - purchases

I think it was back in July, though I`m not sure. Thanks to working overtime (frigging 225 work-hours in a month, lots of night shifts e.t.c.) i got a hold of another nice paycheck and upgraded my computer a bit.

First, and most notoriously, i bought a new monitor (silly picture related) a Samsung SyncMaster S23B300. It's a decent HD LED monitor, nothing fancy, but my eyes will never see the difference between a 500bucks worth screen and a 128bucks one. Even with my perfect vision (color or otherwise).

Secondly, bought a new cooler. An ass-kicking Titan Skalli. Be sure to take a look at the package if you follow the link. It looks great, other than that - it works so good and quiet, that I never even notice it doing anything.

Lastly, I upgraded my RAM. Since i have this old_like_the_world_itself gigabyte motherboard, I went for the small upgrade from 2GB to 4GB. However, to my great disappointment, it turns out, if your motherboard is limited to 4GB, you will never be able to use more than 3GB of ram, as a goddamn 1GB gets reserved for fucking nothing I will ever need. And that's how I discovered, that I have reached my limits at upgrading my old PC and should start saving up. If not for a whole new PC, at least for a new motherboard, sound card and 16GB worth of RAM.
Disappointment of the year.

Well...at least I thought that was the last of it. A couple of weeks later, while messing with my BIOS, i managed to accidentally turn off my PC's ability to recognize the hard drive. Since my hard drive was quite old and getting glitchy at times, after some time I concluded that it died and just went and bought 500GB of empty space. Long story short: new hard drive wasn't working either and after few ours of trying out EVERYTHING i finally managed to get both of my HDDs working.

And this is what becomes of me when I don't have to worry about my next meal anymore. Spent more than 200bucks on that and no fucks were given back then.

Recap series - job interview results

Oh, yeah, about the interview back then - it turned out i was right, i didn't get the job because my test scores were way too low. Really didn't surprise me, but it was still worth trying.
And the company, btw, was Cytec.

And even if I know it shouldn't, failures like these do get to me and I was feeling kind of down and doomed for a few weeks after that. Did carry on like nothing happened though.