22 February, 2013

I finally got my hands on some chicken, so I actually made some chicken carcass stock for my miso soups. I didn't trust its taste at first, but when the whole miso soup was made, it did taste really good.
As it can already be inferred, I haven't given up on my Japanese cuisine month and probably will extend it, since I won't be able to use up all the ingredients I bought. So far it has been an adventure. I have no health problems to report and absolutely everything I made was either edible or tasted plain awesome. Now that I`m a bit more familiar with the recipes, I can conclude, that many dishes I previously thought to be japanese delicacies are actually what they eat on daily basis (I still don't really understand why daikon radish is so popular among the Japanese?)
Regarding availability...well, that's quite a bother here in Latvia. While most ingredients are inexpensive, especially if you aren't just buying them for one meal, there are several ingredients that are quite costy or hard to obtain, especially with regards to spices. I still haven't tried tofu as it's so damn expensive and finding ingredients for dashi is such a pain in the ass (why do shops even sell miso pasta if they don't sell anything to make dashi out of?). I can't say I have paid for food much more than I do other months, BUT i usually buy all kinds of crap to eat while watching movies/anime. This month I only bought what was necessary for 2 decent meals a day. As far as I can understand, everything I bought is much cheaper and tastier in Japan.
Would I jump to the opportunity to successfully live in Japan because of their cuisine alone? Yes, yes I would!

19 February, 2013

Why kids are rotten

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I never thought about it, but it just hit me while watching Shigofumi.
The thing with today's youth is that they are too apathetic, they lack any sense of empathy, responsibility, ethics, tolerance etc. etc. etc. They are apathetic and the only think holding them from going apeshit anarchic is fear of authority. And you just know it's not going to last. So where is the root cause? Is it their parents fault or the society as a whole? Well - partly both.
Parents, trying their best to give their kids proper childhood, are always trying to shield them from anything bad. And society as a whole accepts it and encourages it. And the problem lies at how good both of them are at it.
I consider myself a good person. My morals may not be the ones of a shining white knight, but at least I always try my best to remain a good person. Whenever I tried to remember what exactly formed me as such, I remember the TV-shows I watched as a kid about angels and generally people being every-day heroes and such. I thought that it was maybe the good deeds they did, like most parents would think, but essentially it's completely wrong. What really affected me, was the tragedy. The tragedies I saw formed in an imaginary world, imaginary people struggling with their life, imaginary families being destroyed, imagining myself in their place, imagining the pain they I would feel in their place. I do not wish to feel so much pain, to live in a world full of such tragedies or even to be reminded daily that the pain could be real. And that's what the youth today lacks.
Youth today is given just heroes that will save them from any small distress, they are given a bright and shiny world of cool stuff, they are given hope and dreams of future close to utopia, they are given the source of security, that nobody will hurt them and that the whole world is there to protect them. I`m not saying it's bad, if great, it's fantastic, in fact, that we can reach such results just a half century away from the World War 2. But they never get the chance or the time, or the need to discover what a tragedy feels like and that's why they never develop necessary emotional responses to protect the world from tragedies.

13 February, 2013

Valentine's day

Damn busy morning. Quick breakfest and I`m off to my damn sweetheart. WTF am I doing anyway!?

It's a shitty pic with shitty bento, I know

10 February, 2013

Cheap chopsticks

Sweet as fuck wine.
It has started. I haven't gotten down all the recipes I require yet, but I don't think that it will be a problem, because, judging by how much money I just wasted in RIMI, I can't really afford to eat 3 meals a day. And even that is not a real problem. I just made my first meal, that didn't taste all THAT good, due to lack of spices, but it was edible. The important thing is, it had so many nutrients and vitamins that I could live with one such meal a day. In fact, I did start noticing that I feel much better right after finishing it. I guess my body really needed those vitamins.
There are still several rare but important ingredients I need. I think I will need to scour the city a bit. I just wish I had the time for it.
Wish me luck. Wish me fortune.

07 February, 2013

As much as I can understand, according to this article, we are very close to teach a computer how to compute the overall behavior of any complex structure, predict what is going happen to it in the future and  make a world of science fiction real (I want to mention, that it kinda gives me the feeling, that a world of superadvanced robots like in the A.I. movie is closer than we think).
Unfortunately, firstly, at current state the quantum physics can be extremely vague at moments and thus don't give too much credibility and trust and, secondly, my personal limited understanding of physics or anything related to mathematics, doesn't let me make or form any objective observations and opinions. I`m really as dumb as a brick and quite possibly might have misunderstood the whole article.
In even more uninteresting new: I just watched The Hobbit. Wasn't anything THAT special and could be appreciated only by those, who have seen The Lord of the Rings. Nonetheless I gave it a 8/10 and will be watching the rest.