29 November, 2011

Picture unrelated

I`m a bit confused about the uselessness of google+ . I don't really get it what did they mean by launching it in the state it is now. I know that they are working on integrating other google products into google+, in fact, I would really love to see google calendar integrated there so that I could share my schedules with people I know without being afraid that some I don't want to know my schedules would start looking at them.
There is a lot of potential and hopes for google+, but at the state it is now, it might just die off without even really starting up, because people will just leave it and forget it.

Another great idea - to integrate google maps inside google+ so that I would have an easy way to share information about some random places in the city with people I know. I am aware that I could do it now already, but it just has no point if most people I know are kind of computer illiterates and have no idea or will to use random google tools.

26 November, 2011

By putting a small bit of innovation in helping myself out at work and creating this map, I managed to get a small token of approval from the company whose calls I`m picking up. A stylishly black backpack, white t-shirt and white+black towel (I think it's actually beach towel, not sure though, as it's a bit small for that), all with Tele2 logo on them. I do feel appreciated and positive about it for a change.
Still holding on to the idea that maybe job at Transcom may not be the best paying job in the world, but still the pay is decent enough and the atmosphere we have there completely makes it worthwhile. 

Pics? No, not this time, I`m getting too embarrassed about taking photos with a goddamn phone all the time...

Sidenote: today I stepped in shit. Haven't had that happen for at least 10 years.

22 November, 2011

Bracing for Star Wars: The Old Republic.
That is all.

17 November, 2011

Goddamnit, my results from blood test came back. I know there is nothing serious, but still, I`m seriously curious and I can't read them for a crap. And there is just one person I know who could explain this to me.
Here is me hoping my ex- still looks at my blog from time to time and wishing she wouldn't.
My superpower is controversy.

14 November, 2011

Building some plans on buying a new bed and a mattress. My plan is to spend about 150 lats on that purpose so it will most probably take me about 2-3 months to spare the money. I might be able to economize a bit on the bed itself if I manage to buy a used one. Regarding the mattress, however, I`m not entirely sure weather to choose the cheaper coil mattress or a memory foam one. Logic dictates that the memory foam ones are worth the money, but then again - I can sleep anywhere, do I really care ?
160x200 size, btw. I know it's a little big just for myself, but hey - that's how I roll .

The picture - pretty much what I would love to get, but it's a bit too costy for me.

09 November, 2011

What has happened over the past 30 years is the capture of the world's common treasury by a handful of people, assisted by neoliberal policies which were first imposed on rich nations by Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan. I am now going to bombard you with figures. I'm sorry about that, but these numbers need to be tattooed on our minds. Between 1947 and 1979, productivity in the US rose by 119%, while the income of the bottom fifth of the population rose by 122%. But from 1979 to 2009, productivity rose by 80%, while the income of the bottom fifth fell by 4%. In roughly the same period, the income of the top 1% rose by 270%.
via  George Monbiot @ guardian.co.uk

I think I should do some fact checking on this, but, meh, I`m too lazy for that and it won't change what that article is telling me.
While I`m not as dumb to go out on streets protesting against the products and brands I owe my lifestyle to, yelling "I`m the 99%", still I can't disagree that there is something essentially wrong with society when the rich ones get richer and poor ones keep getting poorer. I`m not sure that I even understand what the hell the rich people are doing with their goddamn money?
But oh well, I was never rich and never will be, so who am I to judge ?

08 November, 2011

Can I haz a perfect score please?

I slowly find myself switching from playing games on the bus to reading news. Guess that's how my subconsciousness is trying to compensate for the lack of education. Though I don't believe that it will last.

Having a good start of the month at job. The pessimist in me screams in agony just by imagining how terrible the end of this month is going to be.

Also, it's 3am. I need to discover a method that would enable me to go to sleep at a decent time. But then again, it's not like I`m loosing any time of my life this way...considering that I have none currently.

01 November, 2011

Freshly shaved.
For the archives. So noone complains anymore afterwards, when I grow it back.
Didn't care much that I kind of look like crap there, that my mirror is dirty or that I`m taking the damn pic with a goddamn phone camera (left my own camera with my ex-, didn't tell her but it was sort of a "sorry" for all the gifts I didn't give her). What I`m trying to say is that I didn't care at the moment, but now it kinda does bother me :|