31 May, 2011

I promise, I will make an update to my blog soon, lol.

17 May, 2011

Few weeks ago I attempted to visit a guest lecture in our college. It was something about writing research paper or smth. Anyway, it turned out to be a complete, disastrous waste of time. Well, I blamed my college for not filtering out people who are and who aren't able to give proper presentations and lectures to the auditorium of students and moved on.
Today I was trying to go for another one. This time in a different college...university in fact. The topic was "Creativity vs Precision" or something similar. Anyhow, I forgot to take my umbrella with me and arrived in the University completely soaked. Found the auditorium and peeked into it - it was one third in the size of our college-how I call them-classroom (because there are no auditoriums that small). After waiting for about 20 minutes till it was almost the time for it to start, I saw completely no people waiting for the lecture around, the "auditorium" was still locked and I was still pouring from the skies. Ultimately I was overcome with the feelings of defeat, stupidity and self-pity and quite simply went back out into to the rain to head home.
2 words: never again

Maybe I should have given up on it already this morning, when some jackass purposely drew a car into a puddle and got me soaked from head to toes.

A report for the sake of a report

Lately I have been eating a bit healthier. My main motivation is that I was afraid to look at my own naked body in the mirror due to how skinny I had become. Well, after 2 weeks of regular intake of meat and eggs and a little bit of exercise my body has returned to looking like that of human being, which again amazes me on how fast I`m able to build up muscle mass...too bad I`m not interested in building up decent muscles, I just want to look like a human being. Last Friday I threw a few soul-patches in form of a tasty food on top of it. It's getting a bit more expensive than I would like to, but guess I will have to bear with it. Why? Because I still haven't found a job and had no replies from the CV's that I sent out. The situation is getting more and more hopeless by each day (mind you, it's already the end of may) and it's not getting any better for my parents, on whom I currently depend, as well. Also there is that emotional and human-relationship crap that I have to bear with etc. In short - I`m still sitting on that damn depressing black stroke of life and I need something to cope with it. And some tasty food is the best of my options.

Somehow I`m getting the feeling that I will just have to learn to deal with it, because, if I will live, this is how the rest of my is going to be. And if that is going to be the case, I don't intend to sit through it.

Hell will probably freeze over if my next blog post is going to bring some positive news.

15 May, 2011

So...another pair of pages completed.
Using this source material as a base and dropping in it some additional information from my own knowledge, random web search results and hand-outs given to use by our stylistical analysis lecturer, I compiled two pages covering the Syntactical Stylistic Devices. (found under the cut)
Additionally I would like to note that in the same source I used as base, there can be found some more information on e.g. lexical and phonetic stylistical devices. However I didn't use them for 2 reasons: 1) the stuff compressed in the two pages is what I will need for my this semesters exam 2) I already have several pages printed out with short descriptions of information found there and additional other stuff.

Now. Me hungry.

14 May, 2011

The delay was bigger than planned thanks to some internal blogspot issues due to which I was unable to access my blogger account.
Anyway, I managed to somehow cut down and compile the previously mentioned information together and down to 4 A4 pages. The document is available under the cut.
The first 3 pages contain the information on parts of speech and you can find my source here. Last, 4th page, is about parts of sentence and you can take a look at its source here.
Well, that's about it on grammar. For now.
I`m planning to compile another few pages for stylistic analysis; hopefully I will manage to post those as well by the end of the day.

10 May, 2011

Another reminder for myself.
Should go through the mountain of information here and make a printable document out of it.
Also I should find some concentrated and trustable material on word functions with examples.

Update: Plans have changed (kinda expected as much). Postponed.

08 May, 2011

Just now finished editing my google profiles stuff. Added my actual real name/surname there.
Why? Because background check on me won't give out that many interesting results which is kinda suspicious and boring. So I decided to feed the best of me to anyone who attempts to do that.
The best of me is still quite boring though.

04 May, 2011

More stuff to share.

First I would like to start with study related materials.
Since stylistic analysis of text can sometimes get confusing especially if you are just studying it, it's always a good idea to have a good example on how to do it handily. As it turns out, good examples in stylistic analysis aren't all that easy to find (there are hundreds of bad ones however). So one of the good ones can be found in a ELTweekly issue and it might be a good idea to read it carefully and analytically if you are confused about stylistic analysis.
In fact, the ELTweekly by itself is definately worth to check out from time to time. I would really love to add them to my RSS feeds, but, unfortunately, even though they have the button there, they don't support RSS. And I don't really want to add even more spam in my mail.

Secondly, a most useful stuff for Latvians. Lattelecom are having a promotional campaign that lets you enjoy free internet TV for two whole weeks and in addition they offer you the chance to win a macbook air. In my opinion it's most definitely worth participating there. You can get your invitation here
The fun thing about TV is that there is so much stuff that I can let run in background and learn simultaneously just because I`m not interested in that enough to give it my whole attention and yet would like to see some particular moments of it. Well, guess it's a bad thing for television....
Too bad they aren't letting me watch their movies for free as well.