28 January, 2013

Quite some time ago I read something in one of my favorite manga Gantz. To cut short, it was how aliens defended their right to dominate and exterminate humans - because they deserve, because they are more worthy and humans did nothing to have their freedom. Supposedly humans take their freedom for granted and that's not a reason enough to have their freedom.
I didn't think much of it at the time, but slowly it began to resonate in my head. To a point I actually agree with that. What have some of us actually done to deserve any of their freedoms? Why can't someone be a slave, if he does not desire to fight against it?
Of course, I understand all the rational reasons behind it, I understand how deviant and complicated society would become if that were the case. I would never go all Hitler on the society. Yet, I don't feel the way. Maybe it's because I have never been a slave to anybody. Maybe I just have had my dose of ignorant people and elements of society that have no value whatsoever. Maybe there is something else I just don't understand.

25 January, 2013

Just went through some of my previous posts while adding new tags.


Most of my posts, especially the latest ones, are stylistically awkward, contain unnecessarily long sentences and actually are full of all kinds of mistakes.

In case if someone does happen to visit my blog, please do point out everything that's wrong with it. I don't promise to correct or even to give a response, but I will take a note of it and better myself.
Thank you!
I have finally decided to do something really new and ambiguous...well, at least for me. I have decided to do a Japanese Cuisine Month. It may not be as exciting as it sounds, I`m not going to make a new Japanese dish every day for an entire month - that would be insanely expensive and require more time than I`m willing to offer. Instead, for one month, I will eat the way Japanese do. I mean what they eat daily, not just delicacies. What's even better, I have a high chance of actually saving up some money that way, as for the most part they eat rice and vegetables only, which aren't all that expensive. However, with rice comes along my first obstacle - I will require A LOT of rice and a sane choice would be to buy a rice cooker, which aren't as easy to find in Latvia. Regardless, if everything goes as planned, I may start it up somewhere next month, after getting my salary.

Try it now!
On related news, I`m continuing to study up on my Japanese finally. Ja Sensei really does help. Though I only do it while commuting for now, so it's not moving along too seriously. I do have some ideas in store to move it a step further, but that's for another time.

And yeah, my damn sweetheart will probably just say that I`m predictable, but: I finally tried out Sake (Choya Sake to be more precise). It's weak and has an odd taste, but it's quite good in combination with spicy foods. At least that's the impression I got from it. Not everyone agrees with me.

18 January, 2013

I realized that my computer is dying and there is no way for me to scrap enough money together for a new one. I would like to elaborate on this, but I will not, as it's too sad and depressing to write or publish.

13 January, 2013

Just remembered that I completely forgot to write a review on my experience with Chinese restaurant.

Together with my usual partners, we decided to visit a Chinese restaurant and did so on 14.12.2012. Our restaurant of choice was Ginger (see attached location), mostly thanks to the location, but also the reviews weren't as bad and they did have a nice deal of 50% off everything on Fridays in December.
To put it short - it wasn't a regrettable decision.
To elaborate, let's start with the food. It was our first time having anything Chinese so I wasn't sure what to expect. We managed to order 3 different portions with 3 different kinds of meat, with seafood included. Thanks to the Chinese tradition of serving one big portion on 1 separate plate, from which you put stuff on your own, I managed to taste-test everything and I`m now in awe of Asian culinary. I did like Japanese sushi better, but if I had to bring someone to a restaurant and raw fish wouldn't be an option, a Chinese restaurant would be my second choice.
The restaurant was filled with colorful lanterns and our seats were put on a kind of elevation (I think it resembled some kind of a boat harbor or something). It was enough to put up a nice setting girls would most definitely enjoy, but, above that, it didn't feel cramped there. I dislike most restaurants because I always feel somewhat cramped there and thus can't relax, but Ginger didn't have that vibe on me.
I will, have, have to deduce a point for service. The boy that served us didn't really seem very professional. I mean, he was trying to be nice and did know his stuff, but he just wasn't a professional waiter and didn't really know how to handle customers. Not that it matter to me much, but there are lots of people for whom it does matter.
Here is a bad quality photo of my damn sweetheart and  Armands, as
we were leaving.

08 January, 2013

Things to note:

  • I have started drinking tea with milk. Well, I usually don't have milk laying around and if I do - its old, so I substitute my milk with milk powder. Good enough for tea, it's the taste you want anyway, not the fat.
  • Watched Gantz Live Action movies 1 and 2. Not shit-tier, but I`m quite sure nobody, who doesn't already know Gantz, would enjoy it. And even then the story has been changed quite dramatically due to lack of screen-time and budget.
  • I installed aNTP (can't ever remember its full name without looking it up) on my google chrome. Looks interesting and will try it out for a while. Sadly, I`m no designer and thus it looks tasteless, but I hope my damn sweetheart will be able to fix that.
  • I really need to start saving up some money, thus I really need to stop spending so much money. I`m afraid, however, they I will need every last penny I have soon, since I`m unsure weather I will be allowed to keep renting my current apartment. And the prices on apartments have kind of skyrocketed. Hopefully everything will come out better than expected.
  • Last few days I feel like my brain has been working with 40% or less efficiency. Well, I don't really need more than 10% to get along, but still it does come with some negative effects. One of which is me getting increasingly more extroverted due to increased anxiety about future. People get to know parts and bits of me, when I get extroverted. People don't really like me. I need to find a way to stop doing it and just shut up.
  • I somehow decided I could start learning Japanese by frequenting on 2chan. I`m somehow still procrastinating.

02 January, 2013

You and me - we are the same electron

So, there I was, typical Wednesday morning of me not sleeping, having breakfast and watching youtube video . I have watched some quantum physics stuff, I have heard that quantum particles can be in several places at once, that they are not bound by time etc. etc. For now mostly I brush off to that we probably just don't understand something yet,
I mean, it can't be completely right like that... And then comes the part about John Wheeler up and it's just thrown at me that the whole damn universe, me, you, every beautiful and every disgusting thing in the world, consists of the same one electron. And that's when my mind blew. Thankfully, not for long, but it's still an extremely interesting and yet unpopular idea.
Everyone and everything might just turn out to be one and the same thing, but boiled down, it's even less impressive or meaningful than we like to imagine that idea.

Another YouTube thing, that has been torturing me for some time, came in this silly video about pyramids. I will have to be vague about this, as it was the mathematics and formulas in it. The thing is, there is something missing and something is just not alright with the wild theories they are spewing out the, but I can't crosscheck or even try to understand, what it could be, as I`m bad at maths. And that leaves me to only two decisions: believe them unconditionally or dismiss it as bullocks based on my gut feelings. And I`m even worse with those two options, than I`m with maths. Hopefully I will forget about it soon enough.

I believe now, that there is one important thing wrong with mass media education and nobody really realizes it. By pursuing the attention of viewers, the mass media are always trying to show them the most fascinating things and they extremely often do that not by explaining things, but by raising questions. Unfortunately, most of these questions are such that probably no one in this life time will be able to answer them. So eventually, if someone does get positively influenced by these educational programs, they haven't got the slimmest idea on how to solve problem, how to give answers to anything or how to explain what the fuck is going on in the world. It wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, as the college is there to teach that to them, if they have the interest, however, the interest is the problem. It's in human nature to lose all the interest once they discover that nothing is going according to have they have planned.
Though I may be wrong about all that and it's just my frustration, that comes from so rarely finding new information in YouTube videos. They are like goddamn fiction books - every smallest thought and information worth reading is piled under heaps of unnecessary fillers and words that, the author thinks, look beautiful.