31 October, 2011

Went to optometrist to check my vision. It's still near-perfect. Looks like one of my eyes is a bit lazy on adapting thus it may happen that I see a bit worse with that one, but even than my vision with it is better than for the most people. Curiously enough that's the eye that's always further from my screen which I`m embracing for 12hours a day. I`m a living evidence that our digital screens don't affect our vision as much as our parents would like to think.

tl;dr Computers can't do a shit against my superior vision.
I`m putting in some effort to change myself a bit and as a result today I bought some new clothes that actually are not black. Well, the pants are kind of greyish, underpants are plaid in grey, darkbluewhite and solid green and my two hoodies are plaid blackwhite and blackpurple.
I`m too lazy to take pics and nobody cares anyway.
My new pants don't go along with the damn purple hoodie at all, but oh well whatever, the important thing is that I tried. Not that I care about how fashionable I look anyway...
The most fun thing about everything is that I didn't check the damn sizes and now I will be forced to go back to the store and swap them again. The downside of not having a girlfriend anymore with whom to shop - she always remembered to check the sizes.

30 October, 2011

Because I`m so demanding when I judge people weather to let them closer to me or not, I sometimes think that if I could ever bring together everyone I ever had prolonged contact with, they all would be the damn best friends to each-other. And yet I would still be the one who would stay unnecessary, lonely, the outsider, the odd one.
Funny how that works, that weather we have friends or don't never depends on how good of character judges we are or how even on how other people view us - it always depends on how hard we want and try to fiend friends.

29 October, 2011

I don't get this crap at all. 4 years in prison and the whole life destroyed for that? Seriously? World is fucked.

27 October, 2011

The tutorial of how not to...

I went and did it...I am oficially not a student anymore !
Well, that's the main message of today at least.

Lately I have been keeping this blog kind of silent the main cause of which was that I was feeling like shit. I still do. However, taking in note that this blog was created as my student's blog and obviously now it has lost its purpose, I decided to make this blog my bullshit_i_want_to_share blog as of now. Share with whom? - idk, probably google as that's the only friend I have at the moment o.O

Oh, yeah, atm I have nothing much to share, as I`m currently living in my past with the excuse that I have no future and there is nothing going on in my present.

Picture related: it's the artists impression of the amount of fucks that will ever be given over all this, as well as an accurate description of my present and future.