31 August, 2011

Somehow I think that drinking a bottle carbohydrated water for a week accelerated my metabolism. I know that most people would consider it awesome, as fast metabolism is a sign of healthy body, but not me - I have never before in my life had felt so hungry or had to urinate so often. I am perfectly fine with eating one or two big meals a day and accordingly using the toilet twice or thrice a day. Wasting so much time on these things is a torture for me.

30 August, 2011

Lately I have been getting some confusing dreams. Confusing in the sense, that they are extremely close to reality. I dream some little things, like changes in someones schedule that affect my schedule as well, so I have to remember to be at a certain place at a certain time. After waking up it actually takes some time for me to get clear, weather it was just a dream or a genuine memory. I wonder what's causing it. And I`m a little afraid that one of these days I will take one of those dreams for reality and end up doing something stupid.

25 August, 2011

Supposedly I had a free day today. Supposedly... I`m on my legs since I woke up, still have stuff left to do and I feel beaten dead. Thank God work is never as hard as stuff we have to do in our free time.
No, I won't be writing what I was busy with the whole day, because I`m too tired to write a report of 4 pages.

22 August, 2011

Back from my first real day of work. It feels amazing to work again, even better than I thought it would. Now I just have to get over that annoying phase where I`m just learning how to properly do stuff and I will actually start liking my work place.

P.S. Made tons of mistakes, hopefully nobody will notice them. (wishful thinking)

20 August, 2011

My job intro is finally over, that is, the official training part is finally finished and on Monday I will start picking up calls. My test results weren't all that bad, so obviously I do have all the necessary knowledge, I just hope I will manage to use it as well. Not everyone can multi-task at a level that requires you to simultaneously: talk (in foreign language included), solve problems, work with computer and lead a conversation being as polite and professional as humanly possible. And even if I do manage that, there is also the question of combining my work with studies.
I`m not complaining, I`m just being realistic and those won't be easy few months ahead of me.


In other news, today I have a day off and my ex-girlfriend promised to come over (in exchange for some pancakes, lol). A change of scenery in my everyday life won't hurt me at the moment.

Also: I need a goddamn washing machine, how do I get to one for free?

15 August, 2011


Wow, what the hell...just got an invite in facebook from one of the few guys I have been trying to forget since I left the school. Never had I imagined that I will be forced to deny an invite on facebook. Maybe I care about my f-list a little more than I previously thought.
Well, this is a really bad start for a day...and a week.

11 August, 2011

Wow, I`m retarded

Today on my way home I decided to buy some cheap earphones for my galaxy mini...and I did it... I bought some random generic Panasonic earphones and I completely forgot that mobile phone ones actually should have a mic on them.
Well, 5 lats successfully wasted. Good job.

09 August, 2011

The information confidentiality policies are putting quite a strain on my ability to learn software and policies required for my profession. I`m used to studying on my own and doing the tedious stuff at my own pace, be it sometimes faster or slower than for the others. The additional work I do at home or when I`m free to to do as I please is my way of compensating for every drawback of mine. But these damn policies are not letting me do as I please and so I`m forced to do everything exactly where they put me and according to the schedule they decided upon.
But oh well, essentially It's my own problem and it's what I myself signed for. Will just have to find way to adapt. Now hopefully I`m not wrong this time and I am indeed good at adapting.

Reminder for self: Get your goddamn ambitions back on the ground !

06 August, 2011


Aside from the success of surviving till the weekend  through my first work week (well, sorta work), today I received my Samsung Galaxy Mini. Tried it out a little bit, can't say I could complain about anything so far. I just wish I could find some decent games or applications for it...most of the popular stuff is actually complete crap. But oh well, whatever. The good stuff will probably find me on its own eventually.
I wonder if I have to do anything else besides owning an android to become a member of the android club?

03 August, 2011

There are just way too many mini-skirts and wonder-bra's (or breasts as such) on the street. It's just too much for me to take. Especially since it has been more than a year since I last had s

02 August, 2011

Yeah, completely forgot to report in after my first day at "work". Currently we are being trained and the training will last for 3 weeks. Nothing really special to report about stuff that has happened so far, just that my impression about the company still hasn't been tarnished. I do think that I should be able to deal with my future job obligations once the training is finished, I`m a bit worried about my Russian though. But will see...
Also, I don't really want to sound prejudiced or pretentious (crap, can't find a fitting translation for the Latvian "ārišķīgs"), but I`m astounded at how many good looking people are working as phone operators or..well...office workers in the company. Not like there is something wrong with it, it's just not how you usually imagine your average office-worker-phone-operator. Of course, there are some fuglies and a little overweight people as well, it pretty much proves that they do not really look at that when picking their workers, came out like that...