27 February, 2011

22 words looked up, definitions read, copied and pasted. Mostly I somewhat knew their meaning and how they are used, just wanted to get some in-depth knowledge on definitions. I placed the list with definitions under the cut.

While I`m at it, I could put up a reminder on this list of 100 most beautiful words in English .

25 February, 2011

How to stand when giving a presentation

Accidently stumbled upon this. It's not that I care much on how to give a proper presentation, it's that knowing how to do it helps to deal with your anxiety/nervousness.

24 February, 2011

Don't really want to save this to my bookmarks, so will put up a reminder here that in case if I need some reference on proper quoting and referencing I can take a look this page.

Also another reminder that I should finally get rid of this list of words to check in dictionary, so, if I will find some time this evening (which is actually unlikely), I will hopefully post the results in blog.

And 2 quick sidenotes: 1) bought an executive clipboard 2) My perspectives for the future are slowly turning to sh*t.

22 February, 2011

A very childish looking (just like everything that's related to basics in English) but still useful presentation about possessive nouns can be viewed here. Helps to clear things up.
Why do I feel dumber even though I just learned something new?

21 February, 2011

Watching a fuck-ton of good anime does still help me feel somewhat better. No, it's not like I feel retardedly refreshed and like I could do anything if only I set my mind to it (thank god...I anyway feel depressed 5 minutes later for being so stupid), but I do feel like I can bare to push it a bit further.
But now - sleep

FYI: Angel Beats

15 February, 2011

Going over to susan's house

First I think it's important to note, that our course has been given an assignment to keep a journal of our activities. Purely to practice our use of English language even at home. Personally I don't think that I have it necessary since, being a non-lifer, I most of my time is consumed by the internet and I`m mainly communicating only in English there. But nonetheless an assignment is an assignment and from now on I will try to spam my blog a bit more often.

Now to the important stuff.

Reading through "Modern German Grammar" on my free time I have come to conclusion that I have forgotten the damn language way more than I could have imagined, but at least it's coming back to me fast. I only wish I had more willpower to keep reading that stuff.

The new study semester doesn't seem to have started very optimistically. The main issue are our two grammar courses, both of which, as it seems, have the same program but different lecturers just slightly different names. Frigging ridiculous, but have no other choice than to bear with it and do the usual - the best that I am able to.
Related: download Longman Advanced Learner's Grammar here and Cambridge Advanced Grammar in Use here...

Also, just finished up a home assignment for lexicology (no idea why I uploaded it) and grammar, currently taking a break but still have some stuff to do planned since aside from doing my home-work I need to refresh my memory on some stuff (like passive and infinity in grammar), study a bit ahead (gerunds in grammar) and maybe find some additional literature for phonetics. Doubtfully Hopefully I will manage to do all that by today too.

Update: the Advanced Grammar in Use torrent seems to be semi-dead but while searching for other sources I found this torrent . Quite useful too, just have to yet go through the whole damn list.