23 May, 2014

Everything beautiful in this world is made from sadness, suffering or destruction. I hope there is no God that created  it.

09 May, 2014

Sometimes it feels like after you live through everything good, only sadness remains with you. I wonder if that's just me.

Shallow sea of shallowness

Recently I was told that I'm the kind of people that just can't enjoy art no matter what we do. While it is as clear as a day that it really is so, it got me thinking about it.
What does it even mean "to enjoy art", how do people do that and why.
As much as I can gather, it's not the piece of art itself but the process. People find enjoyment in discovering paths hidden in the creation. To them it's like an advanced puzzle that asks for deciphering. As a reward for that, they get to understand a piece of artists mind, the message encoded, if there ever was one.
It sounds noble and enlightening as fuck, but there are reasons I don't go for that myself.
Usually you need a lot of background information about the piece, about the artist, you need to understand what were the times and what was the artist going through. Gathering this information requires a lot of time and dedication, as well as working memory, that I do not have. After all that you think that you would get something life-changing in return, but mostly it's just something one guy thinks. Art is created by people and regardless, weather they bring their messages over in form of art or statement, the value of it is defined by the state of mind of the perceiver. I repeat - it's not how it's brought to you, it's not the effort put in acquiring it, it's just how much you agree with it yourself.
So what's the point of it? Firstly, there are a lot of people out there who are so shallow, that the only point for them there is to show off, how intelligent and cultural they are, that it makes them better than the rest. But that's not everyone. Many people just enjoy complicating things, they feel that stuff is more enjoyable that way. Usually they also apply the same logic to other aspects of their life so they are never, what you would call, easy to talk to. I can't say that I agree with them, but really, neither have I anything against them. It's a sane choice, that has it's PROs and CONs.
Can I enjoy art? Yes, it's possible, but rarely. Back in the day I have dabbled in trying to analyse different kinds of art, but whenever I did that, I soon lost interest in it. The process itself became easy enough with some practice and the messages just weren't worth the time and effort. Also I didn't really like the part of community, where people start overanalysing everything. Rather, I enjoy originality, something nobody has came up with before. Art is too full of reproductions and dramatized expressions, originality there is rare and buried under the shallow sea of shallowness. Or maybe I'm just not lucky enough.
I must stress again that it's just my opinion based in my experience.
Caution: The perception of this artwork in relation to this post may be 
different from the original intention of the artist.

03 May, 2014

Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Don't you hate it when an old stupid song becomes so relatable later?