24 February, 2012

Constant cough, temperature 37.8 and, naturally, runny nose. I`m all alone, have no medicine at home and I have 2 days to cure myself. I`m completely at loss. And the fact that it's actually quite cold at home doesn't help on my trips to make some more tea.

Yeah, I`m a typical man: my world comes to an end when I get a little sick.

20 February, 2012

The days when I want to grow my hair back, dress up all black, listen to some motherfucking speed metal and just be the plain me. A short flashback and the realisation that the world would never understand or accept me like that.

Anyhow, not getting very far with the android development stuff. Have some ideas on what I would love to make to make my everyday life a tiny bit easier, but meh, even acquiring the necessary software is a hassle. But oh well, since there is nothing better for me to do anyway, maybe I will eventually pull it through...after a year or two. And then give up on it like I have done with pretty much everything in my life so far.

And it's kinda sad that this is the only thing I have to share on my blog in two months.