30 December, 2012

Since my damned sweetheart is being a dumbass (not that she is, she just loves to behave like one), i resumed watching anime, browsing 4chan, reading mange etc. It's a wild world out there!

I do, however, keep watching documentaries on youtube and would like to feature some of them here. The list of the ones I watched can be found after the break.
I will admit that, for the most part, they are quite childish and elementary and I do feel like still wasting my time on nothing when watching them. I will not amount to anything with that knowledge, even if I get it all and will be able to talk about it for hours...
To add to the complete and utter waste of time, there were some good deals recently on steam games, so I bought a few game packs and couple of games I had set my eyes on before. It's hard to feature just the games I bought recently, so here is the complete list of the games I own (+Guild Wars 2) including some f2p ones.
Additionally: a little something I would like to feature from the Play Store for android. It's an app for contacts. Why? Because I did like the original contact list my Samsung Galaxy Mini had, but, unfortunately, CyanogenMod 10.1 with JellyBean has a really crappy and slow contacts apps, so I replaced it with something better.

I really do need to find a way to stop wasting my life. And money. And start exercising.
Oh fuck you, life, for tempting me with the good stuff and then coming up with all the complicated rules to acquire it.

16 December, 2012

Forgot to mention, that I did finally get my salary, only 2 days later. Turned out it really was stuck so if I would have waited any longer, I would have probably died of hunger.
Unfortunately large portion of my this months salary will go for paying off the damn water counters [?]. Their expiry date is due and thus fucking Rigas Namu Pārvalda are charging me ridiculous amounts of money. Obviously, by their count, an average person uses 10 times the amount of water I`m usually using. Fucking corrupted bunch of idiots without any idea how to properly do anything.

In another news, I`m a proud member of CyanogenMod community for a few days and my slowpoke Samsung Galaxy Mini grew a pair of data stream wings, as it seems. There are a few glitches, but no more than in the official Android releases and the gains from CyanogenMod 10 that is JellyBean 4.2 are awesome. I now have a zoom for my camera. It never had that. It's a digital one, so it's crap and I will never use it, but still a zoom.
Effectively, with that I got rid of Go Launcher. Seems it started lagging my android and eating more battery, than it ever did on Gingerbread.
Aw, I abolished Gingerbread right before Christmas.

To continue what I started today...well...yesterday already: we bought a new decent winter coat for my damn sweetheart. 80Ls. Fuck.
They are eating themselves. Yum!
What goes for Cloud Atlas, it was as boring for me as I thought, but at least I thought it would have some deeper ideas in it, something to think about when you are bored. Well...fuck. It was all about how important it is to tell the truth, to fight for the truth, to fight for freedom of speech, so we could tell truth and not be afraid. And it was laid out in a plain as possible way that every idiot could understand it. Waste of 3h, they could have just made a youtube video and include the key sentences in it. What I liked, however, was how they returned Mr. Smith. And a bit of matrix, when they started feeding dead clones to dead clones. As if they couldn't have been fed from the fast-food leftovers.

Unfortunately my evening didn't end on that negative note. My damn sweetheart is still being ignorant and oblivious to anything not considered as important by a higher authority than her. And It's driving me crazy. And I finally feel like giving up that shit.
I mean, I did change my fucking everything for her. I feel like I`m entitles to getting at least that little thing back, for her to stop and think bit, to learn to think, not just listen to whoever says whatever and blindly obey till her emotions take over and then everything flies to shit. She would be the one to get something out of it mostly, not me.
Or maybe I`m from, maybe I`m not really entitled to anything at all, maybe I didn't change myself at all and maybe that's just my fucked up emotions running wild.
Either way, it's hard to keep doing what I don't want to do, especially when there is zero motivation and nobody expects it from me. So why should I, again?

15 December, 2012

Todays plan - shoppimg for a present for my damn sweetheart and then to cinema. Most likely to watch Cloud Atlas.
Damn I could buy myself a new washing machine from the money I will spend here...
More later...

11 December, 2012

I recently finished off 4 seasons of The IT Crowd. It's hilariously funny at times and at times - a britt-boring show. Still I consider it being worth watching, especially for people who like The Big Bang Theory.
Otherwise I keep on distancing myself from anime and 4chan and instead spend my time watching documentaries on youtube and exploring the What's hot list on google+. And I feel like giving up, but still holding there.

Picture related
And right now I`m a sad panda, because I still haven't gotten my salary. Contacted personnel department [?] today, seems the payment was stuck and got it moving. In my naivete I hope it will be transferred from DNB Bank to Swedbank in a couple of hours and I will still be able to make it to the mall, but usually it takes a day at least.

06 December, 2012

Among everything else I suddenly have the urge to install a dual-boot Linux distro. My weapon of choice - Ubuntu...or rather Kubuntu after first Ubuntu installation failed. Or rather I dropped it for now since i effectively killed my flash drive I had the installation copied on. Killed it in my sleep. I mean, I had some difficulties splitting some free memory off my hard drive, so that I wouldn't loose all the 200GB of data, but then I fell asleep in the middle of the process and today I discovered that my flash drive stopped functioning. At least partially, the little, green light on it is still functioning - yay.

Since every series I`m watching is coming to an end, besides watching stuff like this, I have been visiting facebook.com, aitām.lv and plus.google.com a lot more lately. And there is one thing that has become increasingly obvious to me: there is absolutely nothing on Facebook  There is nothing to do, I tell you! You can sometimes find at least something interesting on draugiem.lv, and there is always something worth reading/spreading on google+ What's Hot list, but there is never anything on Facebook  And that's even when I have the biggest amount of /friends/ there.
Though that may not come as a surprise to most google+ users...

P.S. I miss you, LiveJournal. Why did you have to die? russificate? become an embarrassing stigma to everyone not from Russia?