11 May, 2012

Due to the circumstances related with big purchases and some people unable to pay back their debts, last month I was seriously thinking about getting a credit card just so I could take an overdraft any time I needed to.
Basically, right now I`m using a debit card with bonuses. it gives me some discounts in places I never visit, I can use it for almost any electronic purchases which pretty much covers every purchase I ever make, and, most importantly, it's cheap. What it does not do is give me easy access to overdraft or any kind of extra money resources - which is offered by credit cards that are way more expensive and harder to obtain.
Well, to cut it short, by comparing the expenses of both types of cards I quickly came to the conclusion that the credit cards are really worth it only if you really need an overdraft every other or every third month...but hell, people who live that way do not deserve their salary and would really need to learn to live with the money they have and stop fucking up the already so fucked up world economy.
So well, yeah, I`m happily sticking to my debit card and would like to discourage anyone from taking a credit card. Even if you do suddenly are in need for extra cash, there are tons of other ways to get some quick cash (mostly it does involves selling your soul, but whatever, we live in internet anyway and when was the last time anyone heard of binary souls?) However, in case if someone is really interested in credit cards, here is a useful URL for you (for those living in Latvia).

Additionally, today I understood that my music list is adjusted to hatred, anger, sadness and insomnia. There is nothing to put to play if I feel something else.