24 December, 2011

No holidays for me.
Even if wanted them.
It's work, work, work and training to do even more work.

18 December, 2011

Let's see if I can muster some willpower to start making my own android apps.
Why? Because there is a ton of apps that I would really like but they neither don't exist or the existing ones don't really perform the way I would like them to.

If I do succeed, I will probably also try to make some widgets for google chrome and calender, but, unfortunately, knowing me - I will probably fail at the android stage already.

In any case, it would be really nice if I succeeded, because at least then I will be doing something with my free time that's, since I left college, is being wasted on pretty much pathetic nothing.

12 December, 2011

The Swedbank stuff...a ridiculous out of control bullshit !
What the hell is wrong with people, they never pay attention to details. There is no reliable source of information that Swedbank is going down, the SMS sent to people are ridiculously inaccurate and even more - add obviously stupid information (e.g. people in Lithuania are able to take out only 50 lats out of the ATM's - implying that their currency so easily translates to lats). Swedbank is extremely successful and stable bank and there is visible reason for it to shut down. Nobody ever would decide to shut down the same bank in 4 other countries and leave 1 country - Latvia - in chaos, letting clients there do whatever they want with the information.
etc. etc. etc.
Goddamn, people, think...T H I N K !