30 July, 2011

After revisiting an old social site I used to spend my time on, I got reminded of a quite nice song I had completely forgotten about.

And yes, I do watch Bleach (the anime in the clip), but I choose the AMV not because of that but quite simply because that's the best video available for that song.

29 July, 2011

2 and a half hours, for f---s sake ! That's how long I was standing in a line to transfer from one phone company to another. Why? Because they lured me in with a promo during which they give Samsung Galaxy Mini (and to other phones) for free*. So, about in a week I will be paying three times my phone bill and for that I will finally get a new phone. I gave in basicly because it's advantageous for me because of 2 main factors: the phone will actually be cheaper for me this way than buying a new one on credit or with cash and because I`m transferring to a company for which I will essentially be working starting from august the 1st .
Well, that's about it.

*in this case word "free" adapts the definition of elevated fees and with condition that you won't be changing phone operators and you won't stop paying the subscriber's fee in any case for 2 years (24 months)

28 July, 2011

The world is only as plain or complicated as you choose to make it.

Good news everyone...

Just got called back from transcom. I have the job.
Now...my training period starts at monday and it will last for some 2 or 3 weeks. And before that I should work a bit on my russian, as I need to tune it in.

Reminder for self: DO NOT MESS UP NOW !

25 July, 2011

Had the second job interview for transcom today, the individual one...well, lol about the individual, I was interviewed by 3 women...
Anyway, went somewhat ok till the part where I had to pretend that I`m answering a phone call in russian. Suddenly forgot the two main phrases. I did explain myself that I just need to tune in for that type of conversations and that answering calls in russian shouldn't be a problem for me after that, but will see...

22 July, 2011

Oh, yeah, so I had this interview (well, it was a group-interview sorta) at that place. Was more of a test than a job interview, but that was just the first part. I don't know, I just went over without any stress or worries or anything, wasn't particularly sure I performed well enough from the limited opportunities to show myself, but obviously it was enough. Just a couple ours later they called me back and I have an individual interview scheduled for monday. From what I can gather, if I don't do anything retarded, it almost means that I have the job. But will see.
Oh, and about the company - overall I had a very good impression about them, I`m still a bit cynical about weather I will really get the whole payment  they are promoting there (I`m still concerned about some rumors I found on the net), but at least it's obvious that they do serious business there without any bullshit. Brings me some hope in.

21 July, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 - surprisingly good and easy to connect with. So far I have been watching all the Harry Potter parts with the "oh, whatever, since I already started..." attitude, but must admit, that this last one actually seemed good and left me with lasting impression.

Great news everyone !

Well, after some deliberation I finally decided that I might as well try to apply for a job in some telemarketing company. So I did. I choose a company which seemed the most serious one to me - transcom - and whos job offer isn't really telemerketing but plain old phone operator (that is incomming calls only).
Anyhow, have to admit that it wasn't really a surprise for me that they did call back and tomorrow morning I have a group job-interview to attend. Probably will write a report on how it went.

18 July, 2011

Just woke up from the most amazing creation my brains ever made. A dream that could be the most entertaining sci-fi series I have yet seen. An extremely extensive dream, as I remember that I lived there throughout several episodes. Of course it's my completely subjective opinion, of course it was mostly a mix of the best series I have seen and - of course it all faded in moments after I woke up...on the most interesting place where I discovered that the little girl everyone loved was somehow my daughter, lol.
Well, reality, however, sucks. Nothing new.

Sidenote: singular and plural use of the word "brain/brains" is quite confusing.

11 July, 2011

Before I forget it, I would like to note down, that family people are the worst kind of people you want to in power as politics. Why? Because they care about their family and well-being of their own family is what always comes first for them. They will steal, murder, lie and cheat on anyone else, as long as it provides them with means to protect those dear to them.
Well, of course, it rises two questions then. First would be - what if they consider their whole country their family, not just the ones closest to them? Well, I don't think that I even have to reply to that, because anyone who believes that something like that could be true is just kidding themselves or doesn't really understand what it means to care for other people. And the second question is - how are the ones who do not care about their family as much any better? And that's actually a quite tricky question I can't give a complete answer to myself. I can only state my own reason for believing that - essentially all people ar good (well, that's due to being scared shitless of being evil and getting punished for it, but it doesn't change anything)...so, where was I...essentially all people are good and the ones that seek their way to obtaining political power have some purpose to do so and chances are quite high, that their purpose is to change the world for something better.
Of course, there are always exclusions, special cases and the oh so high ratio of me being wrong, but that's my general view on it.

10 July, 2011

Completely shaved my beard off today. Feeling naked. Wanted to make a photo for the archives, but, unfortunately, my camera is most probably in France. And my webcam doesn't really want to cooperate. So meh - w/e. Anyway, did it only because I figured that I won't be leaving my house for a few days, so now would be the ideal time for it. Had to do it to get a grip on my damn beard, because it was becoming a pain to trim and shaving it off from time to time helps to keep it short and under control.
Additionally, my parents visited me today (despite me protesting against it for 2 weeks - complete waste of money). Of course they brought me a ton of food which most probably will get bad before I will eat it. Their persistence in wasting money sometimes amazes me. Seriously, they are really lucky that their kids know the worth of money and don't spend it on crap like 99% of people under 30 do. But then again, they aren't really lucky that they got such a loser like me as their child. Wish I could do something about it, but the goddamn world is never white or black, there are only the shades of gray.

08 July, 2011

Well, what do you know, finally there has arisen a need for me to build a CV in English. So far it seems that it will result only in great many headaches for, because I don't really like any of the so far seen, offered formats to write it in. I need something basic, condensed, easy to percieve, but the international job market doesn't seem to agree with me.
At least now I know why lying in CV's is so popular. The free format and the amount of superficial information entered in most CV's is just asking for it.

Part of me wishes I could get some help on it, but another part knows that I will only loose by not doing it myself.

06 July, 2011

Just finished watching Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Contrary to IMDB, I actually liked the third part, while I was never a really passionate fan of the first two. Well, what I disliked was some SCI-FI typical nonsense, which was expected, and pretty much every scene with Sam's gf in it.
Is my taste in movies that bad?
At least someone called me back regarding a job application. Just came back from the interview, my hopes on actually getting the job are close to none, but the fact that someone actually noticed me alone is worth mentioning.
That's another week added that I`m sure about that I will last.

05 July, 2011

A small report

So I finally did set myself moving a bit. First of, tried out that damn Pitburger at Falafel King, can't complain, was quite tasty. Can't say the same about chips that came with it -quite awful, not cooked enough and lacking salt.
Additionally, I bought an ice-cream that I completely forgot to put in fridge right away...so *yay*, an ice-cream drink with a surprise stick in it !
What got me a little down was that RIMI was out of dumplings (reminder for self: pelmeņi translates as dumplings) with cheese...pretty much for the same reason why I wanted to buy them - they were at half the price :| That is, usually they are quite expensive, but their price was put down so low that they actually cost about as much as one of low-budget meals.
Well, obviously while I was asleep The Rapture finally kick in, as we are out of hot water and my property manager's [ ? ] homesite juglasnami.lv is down.
Can't even do my damn dishes. And oh the icy fun in shower...that was....fun....


Anyway, I should maybe get myself moving today. Enough is enough.

P.S. Still zero luck on finding a job.

02 July, 2011

Hey, I finally decided to make a walk outside. I just returned from it and it was a nice walk around the smelly Brīvības street during which I could enjoy the fantastic sudden, spontaneous summer rain without an umbrella. That was a nicely spent half an hour of my life. Let's completely forget for a while, that I was actually planning to go to post and then to take out the meal I bought a coupon for and do some shopping, only I didn't manage to do any of that because I forgot my passport and my time schedule didn't account for that. Let's stay happy and enjoy only the positive.
Just tried playing Dungeon Siege III...I have never played buggier crap in my life. This is the reason why I would still first download pirated versions of games, even if I did have the money to buy them.
Just checked on steam...they are asking 50 euros for it...

01 July, 2011

My annoyingness, you can't even grasp its immensity.


How the hell should I understand that after standing up my head started spinning so hard, that everything went blank and I almost fainted, which, due to me standing at that moment and still trying to hold by the wall, resulted in uncontrolled spasms in my legs? o.O How the hell should I understand that my head has started spinning so often, actually ?
Sometimes I wonder if I do should try eating a bit more, but, guessing by the silence my mother gave me on the phone after a certain question, there is no way I will find the funds for it in the near future without finding a job for myself.
It still baffles me, why the hell companies keep looking for employees using such retarded system if it's fairly obvious that they so often end up hiring incompetent morons. Or does such trait persist only in Latvia, where most low-qualification jobs are given to someone through acquaintanceship ?


An idea (finally, lol) shot through my head, that I might try signing up for some language course in Latvijas Universitāte and try getting in budget...but then I got completely discouraged by understanding how low are my chances on landing in budget there and how even lower they are on keeping it if I have to study in 2 colleges simultaneously. Not to mention that I could scratch my hopes on getting a job in next 3 years. Still I feel like I should fiddle around with that idea.


Maybe I will try out google+. Maybe I won't.