27 March, 2011


Just now finished watching Limitless; throwing out some of my frustration.
I really wasn't pleased how they handled all the *suddenly a genius* thing. The guy gets smart, gets his brain working, has access to limitless concentration and every little piece of memory stuck in his subconsciousness. He can think clearly, straight and organized. And what does he do? Goes around shopping, having fun at parties, kissing, fucking and kissing some more...and then being flashy in everything he does. I mean seriously, if it were me my first thoughts would have been "my supplies are limited and I don't know the hell is in there, I need to ensure it's not going to kill me and then guarantee that I will never run out of it" after which I would proceed to build up my power and influence as stealthy as possible and become the force ruling the world from the shadows. A president? That's like coloring yourself in red before running out on battlefield.
Well, the movie itself wasn't all THAT bad, but I wouldn't go around recommending it to people. Even though the ending was kind of a surprise to me, I was awaiting something more dramatic with some morale in it, but oh well, whatever.

23 March, 2011


It doesn't look like I have much time left atm, but let's what can I squeeze out.
So I had this plan to browse some web and look up additional information for phonetics (the course at which I`m afraid that I might fail) and grammar. Since grammar is not as pressing on me, it's on hold for now and I`m working on phonetics. Will be writing this post as I go.

First I need to learn to make the damn difference between some vowel sounds, especially e,ə and ɜ:. Hopefully listening and repeating a record of those sounds will help me out some. The same page also offers useful additional information worth reading, btw.
After that I`m proceeding with listening to some select words that have their phonetic transcriptions written in front of me. I need something more elaborate but since I`m short on time it will have to do for now. (god, those damn transcriptions look so Russian when you are trying to read them so I actually read them as if it were Cyrillic).
Next. Tests and exercises: 1 - 6 out of 10 (frigging good start) ; 2 - 66.7% ; 3 - 100% ; 4 - 100% ; 5 - 63% ; 6 - 100% ; 7 - amazing 17% ; 8 - 100% ; 9 - 90% ; 10 - 90%
Some more additional information about schwa.
Ohshi- turns out that the word 'lamb' has  /b/ muted in it ! ( [læm] )
Ok, anyway, my brain can't keep up anymore, so I will just leave thisthis and this here, take a short pause and continue with studying for todays Reading Comprehension test.

22 March, 2011

So after almost two weeks I finally shaved.
Do I climb down from my tree, pick up a stick and claim it to be my tool now?

A quick message to myself: you damn retard didn't finish the damn essay you were planning on finishing by this morning.

16 March, 2011

My brain is finally online.

So after 3 days of massive head-ache and impaired ability to speak I am finally getting a bit better. Still sick though. While my body temperature has dropped a bit and I`m finally able to move around without the fear that I will just fall unconscious from the massive head-ache caused by any kind of sudden body-movement, I still prefer sitting at computer under blanket because as soon as I start moving I get constant cough. Can't imagine going out of my house with that to spread the virus.
Luckily the timing for Dragon Age II to come out was spot-on and the past few days I had something to do that was entertaining enough to keep my mind off and didn't require any brain activity at all. But now that I have finished it and am feeling a bit better, I`m starting to get the urge to study. Just haven't decided yet what to start with. In any case - that's still for later.

Damn cough, forcing my headache to come back and making me feel like I will soon cough-out my intestines.

10 March, 2011

At the most awesome time I finally got sick.
While I`m still going to break my body a bit because I don't want to give in and give up some of the plans I made, it's pretty much it for my independent studies.
Actually I did want to try attending lectures too today but somehow I overslept for 2 hours and felt like shit, so I decided to skip them after all. The idea wasn't really sane of me anyway.

09 March, 2011

Time time time

There is not enough time for anything. And my goddamn body requires too much sleep.
Yesterday I had planned to study some grammar on my own, but unfortunately I ran out of time and got way too sleepy to do it. Same with phonetics. Doubtfully I will have any time left this evening too since tomorrow is planned out to be extra busy for me and consequently will require some preparation.
It's kinda stupid that aside from studies I really want to play one or two sequels to games this spring, refresh my German and study Swedish...and probably start looking for a job too. God, I will never be able to do it all.
Thinking about adding downloading and watching BBC documentary about Britain's history to the list too.

And this is how a post in which I previously planned to add some new study materials turns into a pile of complaints.


07 March, 2011

Just noting that after several hours of trying out and adjusting different blog templates I finally stopped at one named The Journalist by Lucian E. Marin that I found suitable for all my needs and well enough organized. However there still are some issues with fonts and font sizes I haven't attended yet , probably will do it later or some other day.
My blog statistics are going to look funny again thanks to checking how do the changes I made look like every 5 seconds.
25 more words with definitions under the cut. Goes to show how little I know and how much I still have to learn.

04 March, 2011

I have come to conclusion, that I should start moving forward what concerns my pronunciation and speech. Playing MMORPG and pushing myself to use mic did help me immensely as I`m using English now much more relaxed. However the problem of pronouncing certain words incorrectly still persists, I have heard people commenting that I constantly use funny pronunciations when talking. It probably stems in that I have known English in written form for several years before I actually started talking in it (usually it's the other way around for today's youth who learn English from songs). In any case, I`m not really sure how to go about it yet without a tutor. Hopefully I will manage to find some audio recordings + transcriptions of some more difficult words in English that I could then repeat 160 times aloud till it burns into my subconsciousness... I might learn to tell the difference between then vowel sounds that I`m pronouncing as well while I`m at it.

...every time my parents call (mother just called) makes me wonder if there is actually any point in trying so hard because their financial situation doesn't look that good.....knew I shouldn't put all my trust in them helping me out just because they were so sure. Now I don't even have a safety net to fall in...

02 March, 2011

I had beautiful things planned that I wanted to do, e.g. find additional materials for phonetics.
But today I overslept.
Something like that hasn't happened for a while and I have completely forgotten about the amount of willpower that is required to go to college lectures completely unprepared. I have no idea how some people are able to do that constantly... ok, actually I do understand their way of thinking, I just do not accept that.
Still reminds me that I need a job. Goddamn world never working out the way I want it to.