23 January, 2011

Accidentally stumbled upon this torrent of a book collection .
Quite a find.
I don't really believe that there ever was a DVD with all this or that anyone scanned all of them by hand, so have to wonder how did it all ended up there. First guess would be that someone hacked their database or smth.

Also, I`m lately very distanced from anything and trying to hide myself in online games. /emo mode on/ The goddamn bills are getting me depressed, even more so because it's not actually my own money I pay them with. Also thanks to that I don't have as much money for provisions and thus I end up saving on food and have to deal with a bad diet. But oh well, it will all pass with time...if not, then the worst that could happen is that I could die and I bet at that moment I shouldn't sound as bad...it doesn't for me even now. /emo mode off/

20 January, 2011

Atm trying to break away from making a break. Still have the plan to polish my German and, maybe, Russian language and then move on and start learning Swedish. It's just that my diet is still making me quite depressed which doesn't help with pushing myself to work, but oh well.
Meanwhile, I downloaded Trados. I have absolutely no idea how the hell I am supposed to use it and I`m feeling like using a Photoshop or AutoCAD for the first time in my life. But at least I did manage to find an answer as to why the hell I would like to use something that time-consuming and inconveniet. Hopefully this pain in the butt will pay off and help me in the future to find a new job. Atm I`m using the trial version of it, didn't really want to go all pirate on it right away.
Going to visit Jekabpils for a few days, probably at Friday or Saturday. Should remember to find and print-out some materials to study from while I`m there. Oh life without any friends or...well...without any life, thank god you leave so much time for me to get bored and start studying.

14 January, 2011

How bad is it, if having a successful day filled with good news makes me feel depressed and sad ?

13 January, 2011

Reporting that so far my examination period has been going somewhat well. Not all marks have been announced yet, but I`m quite confident that I have passed everything I wrote so far...no that confident on how good those marks are going to be.
Anyhow, only 2 more exams left and the last one, on 18th January is the one that makes me worried the most. Phonetics. I just don't get that damn [trænˈskrɪpʃn̩]

P.S. Frigging showoff !

04 January, 2011

Prāta Vētra - Gara Gara Diena

Ok, so today marks the start of my examination period. Let's hope I`m not fcked.
The first exam is in Latvian. Document created for the purpose of preparations attached under the cut.

sidenote: haven't slept for 2 nights, lol.