30 November, 2010

Ok, printed out another page, this time about articles (under the cut - the formatting just doesn't want to stick once I upload it to google docs). I feel like I should leave the looking for new materials and properly learn what I have gathered up so far first. After that it's away to more advanced levels. It would be also nice to wrap it up till the start of next semester, as I`m planning on sharpening up my other languages - Russian and German. No idea how I`m going to do it yet, but oh well...
Also I`m trying to train my own pronounciation and transcriptions. For my basic levels this page seems to really help.

Still can't find a new jumper, most of what I`m ready to wear is way too expensive for me.

Oh, yeah, bought a new dictionary of foreign words in Latvian. Had to, since it was sold only for 2 lats.

26 November, 2010


Filled my sleeping hours with reading stuff like this and preparing another 2 documents (under the cut) for printing.
Considering that I`m studying for a translator and will never actually use it, I have no idea why am I actually trying to learn all that bullcra... but oh well, guess it won't hurt. As I have no job or social life besides communicating with my gf, I have lots of time to spare currently anyway.

25 November, 2010

I would only like to publish two documents I summarised for my personal use:

23 November, 2010

Disregard the spam for the site that transcribes whole phrases in my previous post. That site sucks, since almost all the transcriptions were completely wrong.

To hell with everything, I`m going to sleep.
Anyway, officially (at last) signed the rent contract for the apartment. Should also remember to edit the template in my e-bank [?]
Finished one of the two essays for Wednesday and I actually feel proud of it.

Transcriptions are killing me. Thank god for sites that offer to automatically transcribe stuff for me, otherwise I probably wouldn't have been able to finish my homework. Anyway, guess I will have to use that and my Latvian-English dictionary to train it for now. Actually I probably should visit Robert's Books, see if they might have some pronouncing dictionary.

Oh, right, should note that I also sent in the work for the young translator competition organised by skrivanek. I have zero hopes on getting any place there however, not even talking about the main prize I could actually use...

It's 7:12 AM and I`m hungry.

22 November, 2010

The new walking dead episode is out. Good, now I don't have to worry about running out of stuff to watch while having dinner.
Can't decide if I should embrace my laziness and do nothing till tomorrow or write the damn essay now. Anyway, thinking about the stuff to write there is making me remember that I`m lately behaving like a moron at college...well, ok, not like a moron - like a common, typical college student. ...God I have fallen low...

I remember wanting to write a note to myself when I started composing this, but I forgot what it was about. Guess it was something important I was right about wanting to put on a reminder for.

21 November, 2010

First ! ... did I win?

Created a new blog (had some before, not using them anymore) for all my random, spontaneous needs to write something down.
My choice to register it under blogger pretty much shows how meaningless it actually is to me. And you should feel really bad about yourself and probably rethink if you are really ready to use the world wide web, if you just felt offended by that.

Ok, thanks, bye for now.